transKids Safety Network

Embracing and affirming transgender children worldwide

transKids Safety Network’s mission is to increase unconditional love and affirmation for all transgender and gender expansive kids worldwide through education, support, services, mentorship programs all focused on shifting belief systems. Our first project is a network focused on the adoption of lgbT foster kids nationwide. Soon to be launched will be an international campaign impacting a global shift of belief systems relating to transgender children creating a safer world for transgender children. 


We will enroll 10 million strong world-wide base of informed, engaged and passionate people who will together make a difference of the safety of all transgender children!

How You Can Get Involved

Call 602.435.6910 to volunteer or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

transKids Safety Network is honored to have volunteers committed to increasing the safety of all trans and gender expansive children across the globe. Please join our team.

Sponsor Program

transKids Safety Network is currently developing several sponsor programs to join forces furthering our mission together! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click here.

Charity Fund

Your donated dollars can be earmarked to a specific project or gifted to be used in the area most needed today to further our mission.

What We Do

We are a network of LGBTQ members and allies, that have joined together to build a collaborative international network of transKids Safety Resources, such as: National Foster & Adoption Program, Educational Platform (e.g. videos, graphics, info sheets), and more services to come. Stay tuned!

Our Story

Our founder is parent to an lgbT kid, is a member of the lgbT, and has rallied together many members and allies alike to help in the creation of this network.  We are proud to be able to bring our personal experiences, educational background,  and cumulative work histories to the table to serve the lgbT kid population.

transKids National Foster & Adoption Project

An up-and-coming lgbT kids project focusing on fostering and adoption of lgbT kids across  the U.S.


transKids Safety Network

We are launching an international campaign to sign-up 10 million strong allies to provide safe, affirming housing to lgbT kids.


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We would be honored if you joined the team! There are multiple ways to get involved. Please sign up here to volunteer or click the link below!


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We’re Raising Money For Our Mission

If you believe that all lgbT kids deserve safe, affirming housing, but are not in a place to host, foster, or adopt a child, your donation can go a long way toward housing an in-need lgbT kid! We thank you for supporting our cause!

Helping Children All Over the World

We aspire to enroll 10 million strong allies for lgbT kids worldwide. We are building relationships with those with the same goals for getting lgbT kids affirming, safe homes and families.  We are partnering with existing non-profits to launch our projects.

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