Our Approach

We understand that lgbT kids are the most likely youth demographic to experience homelessness.  A well known organization that works to house homeless lgbT youth across 6 countries, & 31 cities in the U.S, Covenant House, has stated that lgbT kids are 120% more likely to face homelessness than their non-lgbT peers. Over 40% of youth on the street, are lgbT, while only 8% of the U.S. youth population in the U.S. is lgbT.  transKids Safety Network strives to build a collaborative network of transKids Safety Resources, such as: National Foster & Adoption Program, Educational Platform (e.g. videos, graphics, info sheets), and more services to come. Stay tuned! 

Our Story

We are a group of LGBTQ members & allies, that have joined together to build a collaborative international network.  Our founder is parent to an lgbT kid, and has rallied together many members and allies alike to help in the creation of this outreach.  We are proud to be able to bring our unique experiences, personal backgrounds, educational & cumulative work histories to this project to serve the vulnerable lgbT kid population.  

Our Next Steps

We are fundraising, networking, collaborating, searching, working diligently to bring these services together.  Our first project will be launching soon, our transKids Foster & Adoption Program. To learn more, visit our “Projects” section. 


Call to Action

There are multiple ways to get involved. Visit our “Volunteer” page to learn more about our opportunities.