Meet the Team

Barbara Scarlet- Founder

Barbara Scarlet, brings years of experience of advocacy work and public speaking to the organization transKids Safety Network. Most recently, served on the board of a foster children nonprofit organization and the LGBTQ Outreach Committee Chair with the primary mission to increase safe spaces for LGBTQ foster youth. This was accomplished through education by developing and facilitating Cultural Competency Curriculum for Standards of Care for Out-of-Home Care LGBTQ Foster Youth. This curriculum has been provided to Department Economic Security employees, Foster Licensing Agency employees, social workers, foster parents, group home employees, court appointed volunteers at CASA, teachers and other various members of the community.

She recently experienced one of her young children come out as transgender. This experience has even deepened her passion and commitment for LGBT youth to a another level and responsible for birthing the nonprofit organization transKids Safety Network. This national organization has several projects focused on creating a safer world for trans kids.

The first project being launched is a national data base to connect transKids in need of adoption or foster homes to safe, loving and affirming homes! She is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and an Interfaith Chaplain. She has been working in the area of grief recovery for the last twenty five years. She has facilitated hundreds of support groups, seminars and professional educational trainings on varying topics including resolving grief, stress management, self-care, self development and the art of facilitation. She is also passionate about providing transformational skills to persons supporting them to create a higher quality of life!

Having fostered and adopted children, she has a continued passion for helping foster children. Due to her personal experience and her previous contributions to the foster community, we are blessed she is now focused on transKids Safety Network’s mission!

Arianna Palumbo- Advisory Board

Arianna Palumbo has over 15 years of experience in the public and non-profit sectors. Her specialties include youth and family development, project management, program management, and contract and grant fidelity and compliance. Ms. Palumbo has been responsible for large scale projects such as stream-lining and eliminating waste in the Department of Economic Security’s Office of Licensing, Certification and Regulation, the creation of the Department of Child Safety’s Office of Licensing and Regulation, and developing an Active Contract Management strategy beginning to be implemented at the Department of Child Safety. She has significant experience addressing waste through Lean Process Improvement.

Ms. Palumbo has placed a special emphasis on transformational leadership, organizational development, and change management throughout her career translating to organizational efficiency and performance-driven strategic change. Ms. Palumbo has experience working with boards of directors and other committees to develop strategic plans, diversify finance streams, and measure metrics to enhance performance and create success. Ms. Palumbo has also written grants for non-profit organizations, evaluated grants on the federal level, and supported other development projects such as marathons, luncheons, and mailings to boost financial funding.

Dawn Wallschlaeger- Advisory Board

Dawn Wallschlaeger has over 20 years of experience working within the Child Welfare and Behavioral Health fields. Working primarily with children and families, Dawn is a compassionate advocate for children and families that are involved within these systems. Dawn graduated with her Masters in Social Work from Arizona State University. She has worked within crisis intervention/response, direct individual and group treatment, residential and out of home treatment, substance abuse recovery, high conflict co-parenting and parenting skills mediation and training, in home services with children and families. Dawn has had the opportunity to work within hospital systems, trauma systems, child welfare systems and behavioral health systems as a direct care provider and to develop and improve programs and services.

On an administrative level, Dawn has developed and run programs, provided supervision to professionals and students, serves as a faculty member at Arizona State University, and provides consultation to other teams and agency providers to navigate systems and advocate for children and families both in the state of Arizona and nation wide. She has provided training and had the opportunity to speak nationally about the needs of children and families and the importance of program structure and implementation

Dawn is involved in the community and holds multiple community events to raise awareness and supplies for children in the foster care system. She is very active in the LGBTQ community, belonging to many community associations and groups. Advocating for the LGBTQ community is a passion of Dawn’s as a Mom, community member and citizen. Her and her wife are also licensed foster parents, opening their home to identified LGBTQ children, specifically the transgender identified youth, in the child welfare system that need a home that supports and provides a safe place for them.

James Blake- Web/Media Director

James Blake has over a decade of experience in nursing, patient education, and client advocacy.  He spent two years as a nursing preceptor, helping to educate nursing students in a hospital setting.  He is a member of the LGBTQ population, as well as an advocate and activist. He is dedicated to spreading awareness of LGBTQ issues, educating against discrimination, and working to stop the cycles of violence and oppression.

Through his work with organizations & movements like Planned Parenthood, Rise Up Austin, Food Not Bombs, & Trans Empowerment Project, James has been able to extend his reach as an educator, activist, and client advocate. He continues to educate others with the help of his Facebook Page, Trans Matters.  Which shares news, stories, events, articles, and other media relative to the global transgender population.

Through his blog Two Trans One Van, he has shared his experiences in coming out, accepting loss, fleeing danger, and traveling to find a acceptance.  He shares his story in order to bring encouragement to fellow community members, to show solidarity with those that are facing adversity, and to demonstrate the power of determination.  For the last three years, he has donated time as a moderator of several online transgender support groups, created support spaces for parents that are transgender, and launched a transgender employment program focused on assisting transgender people in connecting to trans affirming employers.

When James is not helping others within the community, he spends his free time with his spouse, and their two children. Due to personal experiences including homelessness, discrimination, family rejection, and having an lgbT kid himself, James is dedicated to doing his part to help the lgbT youth population & transKids Safety Network’s mission!


Noah James- Website Artist

Noah James is a native to Phoenix, Arizona.  He currently attends high school located in North Phoenix.  He is a self-taught artist, whom started drawing as a young child.  His main artistic mediums are sketching, and digital art.  Noah is very passionate about his part in the trans community, and is deeply honored to have his work chosen as the logo for transKids Safety Network.