We are happy to accept your generous donation!  We are just getting the ball rolling, so ALL of your donations will be going to start-up funding for our website, programs, and services. To donate click here.

What’s your donation policy?

All donations made to transKids Safety Network may be designated for certain tasks, programs, or services.  Donations designated for specific programs shall be honored to the fullest extent possible.  Funds shall be generated with a respectful approach, and without pressure or duress to donors. 

Do you help lgbT kids internationally?

We certainly aspire to have a global reach.  However, for now we are focusing our services across the U.S.

Do you have a foster agency license?

We work with existing programs, non-profits, and agencies that are licensed to serve the youth population.

We’re Raising Money For Our Mission

If you believe that all lgbT kids deserve safe, affirming housing, but are not in a place to host, foster, or adopt a child, your donation can go a long way toward housing an in-need lgbT kid! We thank you for supporting our cause!

Helping Children All Over the World

We aspire to enroll 10 million strong allies for lgbT kids worldwide. We are building relationships with those with the same goals for getting lgbT kids affirming, safe homes and families.  We are partnering with existing non-profits to launch our projects.