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We are on a mission to increase unconditional love and affirmation for all transgender and gender expansive kids worldwide through education, support, fostering and adoption services, mentoring programs, & more.

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Are you an lgbT member or ally, that wants to actively give back to the community? Are you passionate about lgbT kids, and want to make a difference? We have several ways to get involved!


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How You Can Get Involved

Call (602) 435-6910 to Donate or Contact Us to Get Involved

Volunteer Program

There are several ways to get involved with our projects. We would love to have you as a foster parent, to adopt, or temporarily host an lgbT kid. We also have others ways to volunteer as well. Please complete our Volunteer Form.

Sponsor Program

Are you a company, organization, or corporation that is a solid ally to the lgbT community? Is your facility avid about helping with youth homelessness and displacement? We offer sponsorship opportunities, to enable your agency to sponsor foster lgbT kids. Please complete our Become A Sponsor Form.

Charity Fund

Our donations go directly to transKids Safety Resources & Projects. We are thankful for your generous support!

What We Do

transKids Safety Network is on a mission to increase unconditional love, and affirmation for all transgender and gender-expansive kids worldwide through education, support, services, mentoring programs, all focused on shifting belief systems. Our up-and-coming transKids Safety Newtork, is actively recruiting lgbT members and allies to provide temporary or permanent homes for lgbT kids.

Our Story

 We are LGBTQ members and allies, that have joined together to build a collaborative international network of resources, such as: education, foster, and adoption services. We are banding together with our unique personal experiences, educational backgrounds, and work histories to serve lgbT kids worldwide.